Impact Review 2020

How we made a difference in 2020

Our vision

is that all children who have a disability affecting their movement control are able to reach their full potential.

Our mission

is to maximise the potential of children’s movement control through Targeted Training.

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What a strange year! 

We have all got used to Zoom calls, online quizzes, virtual events, and here at The Movement Centre it has been no different. 

 2020 has been a strange year for us all, with the ongoing pandemic changing the way we all live our lives. The Movement Centre took the very hard decision to close its doors, at the end of March, meaning that our families could not attend appointments. All staff were furloughed and this continued for 6 months.  

This had a huge impact on them, but we supported where we could. Our therapy staff arranged video consultations or phone calls with families who wanted them, and we gave our support in a totally new way than what we are used to. 

 As well as having a huge impact on our families 2020 has been a difficult year for fundraising. We have missed our families, but we have also missed our incredible supporters. Even in these tough times we have some fantastic highlights. 

 In April lots of our supporters took part in a virtual event called the 2.6 challenge, raising almost £10,000. Highlights from the event were the Aico team, getting involved in lots of different challenges, Corinne selling fantastic photos from a collection she had taken, and the team from Perspective taking part in their own little challenges. 

Alongside the virtual events we took part in we, have continued to receive small amounts of funding, from Trusts and Foundations. This continued income from supporters has really helped The Movement centre through a difficult time, but there is a long way to go.  

We couldn’t continue doing what we are doing without our amazing families. They all dedicate their time to make sure their child is taking part in Targeted Training activities every day at home; they travel from far and wide to their review appointments; and some also fundraise for us. We can’t thank you enough!

In 2020 we also appointed a new CEO, which you can read more about later in the Impact review. 


The Movement Centre Team

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A campaign to raise enough money to support 25 children to reach life-changing movement milestones has been launched as part of celebrations for a Shropshire charity’s 25th birthday.

The Movement Centre team is calling on people to support its 25/25 fundraising initiative to mark a quarter of a century of helping children with cerebral palsy and other disabilities affecting their mobility.

The charity, based in Oswestry, turns 25 in 2021 and is aiming to raise more than £150,000 – the full amount needed to transform the lives of 25 children through Targeted Training – the only therapy of its kind in the world.

Targeted Training consists of a 6 or 12-month course of tailored physiotherapy, including the use of a specialist standing frame, to make a fundamental difference. Children can gain head control so that they can interact with those around them, become able to sit unaided so they can play with their toys – and for some children it can lead to gaining the ability to walk – giving them the chance to enjoy all the opportunities and freedom this offers.

The individual cost to the centre of a course of Targeted Training is £6,250, with £156,250 being the total to cover 25 courses. With other sources of funding and contributions, the charity is able to support more than double this number of children each year, but this campaign will play a big part as the charity marks 25 years since opening.


Meet our new CEO!

We have a great team at The Movement Centre and it’s just been strengthened with the appointment of Johnny Wilkes, our new Chief Executive Officer. Johnny is Shropshire born and bred and has had an interesting working career – to say the least!

He started at The Movement Centre last month and is now on a huge drive to raise the profile of the centre – what he calls Shropshire’s ‘hidden gem’, attract more funding and ultimately help meet the vision of trustees to provide free treatment for patients.

Johnny is 55, married, has two grown-up children, lives in his native Shrewsbury and says his new role is the right job at the right time after a globetrotting working life We asked Johnny to tell you a bit more about himself. 

Read more here

What is Targeted Training Therapy?

Targeted Training therapy is different from other therapies. It works by placing the child in an upright position and uses equipment to provide stability and support. This support is given directly beneath where control becomes an issue for the child. As each child makes progress the level of support is lowered so that they can continue to develop movement control. By doing this it mimics the way in which movement control is naturally developed in a young infant; from the head downwards. A course of Targeted Training therapy takes place over 12 months. Children attend our centre in Oswestry approximately every eight weeks and take their Targeted Training equipment home. This comprises of a specially designed standing frame. Each frame is tailored and adjusted to the child’s specific requirements. The therapy involves practice for half an hour to an hour every day. Although it sounds like homework, it can actually be lots of fun, and children enjoy their therapy, while making progress, reaching their individual goals.

Karin- “Thanks to the course of Targeted Training Therapy, Freya is now able to communicate more using eye gaze and communicate better at home and school”



Every year many children are born who have a disability that can have an affect the way in which they control their movement. The majority of children (79%) who come to The Movement Centre have Cerebral Palsy. We also see many children who have Global Developmental Delay, Down Syndrome or an undiagnosed disability. Targeted Training therapy can help children who have experienced a brain injury during their childhood, which can also have an impact on their movement control. It is difficult to quantify just how many children in the UK find it challenging to control their movement. While, Targeted Training is not suitable for every child who has Cerebral Palsy, it can benefit many children who have this diagnosis. It is estimated that 1 in 400 babies born in the UK has a type of cerebral palsy. With the birth rate in excess of 700,000 per year there could be as many as 1,800 new cases of cerebral palsy in children each year. This figure is set to rise.

A recent study has outlined that the number of children with Cerebral Palsy in England and Wales is estimated to increase by 7.5% by 2020. It has also been documented that disabled children aged 0-16 are the fastest growing group among the population of people who have a disability. In the future we hope to carry out further research to enable us to estimate just how many children in the UK find it challenging to control their movement. However, the figures indicate that the number is set to rise. We are, therefore, aiming to develop our services so that Targeted Training is more accessible to the families who could benefit.

“Our research has shown that, through a course of Targeted Training, children with Cerebral Palsy can be 3-4 times more likely to gain gross motor function compared to conventional physiotherapy alone.

Leo’s Story

Leo was 18 months old when referred to The Movement Centre. He had been delayed in his motor development and had not yet succeeded in pulling himself to standing (by this time a typically developing child is generally walking).

A thorough assessment of Leo’s abilities was undertaken at The Movement Centre. The assessment showed that he had difficulty with his trunk control and it was determined that he could benefit from a course of Targeted Training therapy. The course would be aimed at improving his strength and endurance to tolerate standing and progress his strength and control towards doing so independently.

At the appointment he was measured for his Targeted Training standing frame. Once it was ready, and funding was in place, his course started. Leo was given goals to work towards, and he and his family was sent home with a specific, individual physiotherapy programme. Initially he worked on his kneeling and sitting abilities. He was a determined little boy, so we were sure he could achieve these goals.

Leo and his family attended his first review around 8 weeks later, and we were all impressed with the progress he had already made. They had all worked really hard, engaging Leo in reaching activities, playing with his favourite toys. Having achieved all of his original goals, Leo’s Physiotherapist, Pauline, made the decision to lower the amount of support from the standing frame, and give him new goals to work towards.

Other goals such as crawling abilities were surpassed, and Leo continued to work on his standing abilities. Leo enjoyed being in his standing frame, and was really engaged. He also enjoying the feeling of standing, so we were sure it wouldn’t take to long for him to find his feet.

At his third review, about half way through his course of therapy, Leo had achieved his goal of standing while supporting himself on a bench. He could even take few steps sideways. He really relished this moment and smiled throughout.  Leo was given updated goals, which presented him with an even bigger challenge. He was now asked to take some steps, while holding onto his mum’s hand. He surpassed expectations again! On his last appointment, smiling as ever, Leo showed us all his fantastic stepping, even showing off walking up our steps.

As seen today, Leo has certainly found his feet.  He is hugely motivated to be in standing and stepping when changing location.  If someone is close by, he will grab an opportunity to have support with his stepping but he has clearly demonstrated that he can do this very successfully independently”. Physiotherapist, Pauline  (at Leo’s final assessment).  

Leo’s new abilities mean he can be far more independent, which is already having a huge impact on his life.

We are sure Leo will continue to progress, and have a very bright future!

Our response to COVID-19

 The Movement Centre have been hit hard by the current COVID-19 pandemic, as have lots of other industries, in the UK. As we enter lock down in the UK for the second time we will remain open, so that the children and families can keep receiving the care they deserve. The safety of our families and staff is our primary concern therefore we have put in place multiple measures to make TMC as safe as possible. This is included in our Standard Operating Procedures (link below). This document outlines the measures we have put in place, and how we are making it safe for families to return.


We are pleased to bring you some good news. Families have started to attend The Movement Centre for appointments, and we have stayed open during this second lock down. This has had a huge impact on our work but we are glad that we can start welcoming families back again. As you can imagine we have been set back, and currently have a waiting list for appointments, but hopefully we will be in touch soon. Any family that have any questions about their appointment, or how we have responded to the pandemic please do get in touch.


We need your support more than ever in these unprecedented times. We would love your support in any way: sign up to our lottery, make a monthly donation or hold a virtual fundraising event.


Caroline – The Staff at TMC are experienced and extremely knowledgeable. They had an amazing bond with our daughter during her sessions which made the assessments enjoyable for her and stress free. The Targeted Training advice made it easy to carry out at home and we felt well supported anytime we had questions. Orlaith Benefitted greatly from Targeted Training, we received excellent support from the staff

What does our survey tell us?


Of families attending The Movement Centre felt they had more than enough support from their therapy team


Of families attending The Movement Centre rated their experience as Excellent

  • Of all sitting goals were achieved. 78% 78%
  • Of all standing goals were achieved. 88% 88%
  • Of our families would recommend The Movement Centre 100% 100%

Are video consultations in our future?

During this pandemic, organisations have found various ways of working, which includes The Movement Centre. During lockdwon we wanted to still keep in contact with our families, and so we offered video consultations to those that wnated them. 


Our video consultations have given our therapy team something to think about moving forward, as they have discovered, that they give the child an opportunity to show what they can do in their own environment. Should they continue? 


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Our annual survey

We continue to collect feedback from our families on an ongoing basis. When a child finishes their course, we ask the families multiple questions, to see if there is anywhere we can improve. We continue to receive great feedback. 

Our annual survey is a chance for us to improve year on year, and a chance to hear what our families have to say. Here are just a few of the lovely comments we had:

  • “A dedicated team of people who have worked hard to help with Eadie’s progression. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts”
  • “An excellent service which has helped our son tremendously”
  • “We have learned so much from The Movement Centre and are very grateful for everything”
  • “Hayley has moved forward more with Targeted Training than with any other form of physical therapy”
  • Unlike any other physical appointment- welcomed with a hot drink, not rushed. Charlie doesn’t associate The Movement Centre with hospital, as there are lots of toys and play during the assessment.”
  • “A very good experience for us all.”
Teaching and Raising Awareness

The Movement Centre engages with external audiences to raise awareness of our work. This year has not allowed us to have a detailed programme of teaching and raising awareness, as we would usually have but here are some highlights from 2020: 

  • The Movement Centre provided clinical supervision for two physiotherapy students during the year from Keele University.
  • Our team attended three Kidz to Adultz exhibitions in Coventry, Bristol and Manchester to raise awareness of Targeted Training therapy to families and clinicians
  • We connected with new and built existing connections with various organisations such as- Therapy Stars, Boparan, Brainwave, Alex’s Place, Cauldwell Childrens, Hope House Hospice and LJMU.
  • Our therapy team raised awareness when they attended- Keele Careers fair, and departments providing SDR surgery including Leeds and Alder Hey Hospitals. They also gave talks at Birmingham Children’s Hospital and Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership Trust.
  • Our Specialist Physiotherapists guest lectured on Keele University Post Graduation module in Assistive Technology in Neurological Rehabilitation which was a great success. 
Social Media Influence
  • In 2020 we grew the number of followers on Facebook and Twitter
  • We joined the growing trend that is Instagram
  • We continue to connect further with our families through our Family Networking group



Annual Awards Party Cancelled

Our Awards Party is usually the highlight of our year, where we invite all families to celebrate, with us, all of the achievements of the children. 

We have really missed hosting it this year and we hope to hold it again next year! 

Freya’s Story

Freya was referred to The Movement Centre and attended for her initial in March 2018.  Freya then went on to start at course of Targeted Training Therapy at the end of August 2018.  Freya had a diagnosis of Crigler-Najjar syndrome Type 1, Kernicterus, Dystonia and Global Development Delay and this caused issues with head control.

Freya’s mum said “Before Freya started her course of Target Training Therapy she had very limited head control and could not keep her head in a midline position.

Freya’s head was turned to the left side and she need assistance turning her head to midline position and to the right. Freya is non verbal but very sociable and uses eye gaze to communicate. This was difficult to use as she could not turn her head to indicate what she wanted.

Just before her course of therapy commenced, Freya used an eye gaze computer and she couldn’t use it independently because of not being able to hold a midline position.  We had to hold Freya’s head in a midline position and she only tolerated this for 5-10 minutes at a time.


Seven months in to her course of Targeted Training Therapy, Freya got to use to an eye gaze computer again.  This time Freya could hold her head in a midline position independently and was able to use the eye gaze technology for 30-40 minutes with no rest in between.

Freya’s head control has improved and she can now keep it midline for long periods and turn her head from left to right. Because of this her communication has come along and she is more vocal.

At nursery Freya can now follow what the other children are doing by turning her head and can also join in with their play more. With better head control, she is now using a communication board at nursery to choose the activities she wants to do”.

A course of Targeted Training Therapy has certainly had a big impact on Freya’s life. Freya’s quality of life has been improved as she is now able to communicate her needs and wishes and to interact with others by using eye gaze technology.  Freya is now able to turn her head and keep a midline position for longer allowing her to watch and learn from the world around her as well as taking part in many activities that she enjoys. 

Freya is a very happy little girl who loves interaction and we hope that she continues to make progress in the future.

Our supporters

As a charity, we could not continue our work without the fantastic support of so many individuals, community groups, companies and charitable trusts and foundations.

Companies such as Aico, Granite, FBC Manby Bowdler, Perspective and Lanyon Bowdler have been very supportive over the last year, and we can’t thank them enough.

Without the support of fundraisers, companies and individuals The Movement Centre wouldn’t be able to continue to support the children and families that attend The Movement Centre. 


Percentage of donations that go directly to helping children gain life changing skills

Thank you!


Thank you to all of our families, supporters, donors, fundraisers and volunteers from everyone at The Movement Centre for helping us to make a difference!

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