Impact Review 2018

How we made a difference in 2018

Our vision

is that all children who have a disability affecting their movement control are able to reach their full potential.

Our mission

is to maximise the potential of children’s movement control through Targeted Training.

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2018 was another busy for The Movement Centre. We are delighted to report continuing good progress towards our objectives. We are pleased to report a number of highlights from the year. Every year we rely on the kind support of so many individuals, community groups, companies and charitable trusts and foundations. Once again, we cannot thank everyone enough for their fantastic support.

In 2018 we raised further awareness of our services with an 18% increase in children referred to The Movement Centre from 2017. We have grown our impact, with 74 courses of Targeted Training therapy active during 2018. This is a 21% increase from 2017. To reflect this growth, we expanded our team to meet the growing demand for our services and welcome Ann Norwood to the team as our new Children’s Therapy Assistant and Family Liaison.

We have worked hard to enhance our services by purchasing specialist sensory equipment to be used at The Movement Centre. This has enabled us to make Targeted Training sessions at The Movement Centre even better. It has also allowed us to create a more calming environment for the children. We have developed therapy folders and activity packs to help children and their families with their daily therapy at home.

We are delighted that we have demonstrated the continued effectiveness of Targeted Training therapy through our clinical outcomes, with children showing improvements in functional and motor abilities leading to greater independence and a better quality of life.

It is wonderful that we can celebrate these achievements and we are very thankful to everyone who has supported our work. This, of course, includes all of the families who work so hard during their course of therapy. Beyond this, our families contribute towards the cost of a course of Targeted Training, often working hard to raise funds. With the kind support of our fundraisers and donors we are also able to subsidise the costs to make our services as accessible as possible.

We are ready to take on new challenges and to continue to enhance our services. We are excited to work with our supporters, volunteers and families so that we can continue to reach more children in the UK who might benefit from Targeted Training. By coming together we can continue make a real difference to the lives of all of the children who come to The Movement Centre.

The Movement Centre Team

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What is Targeted Training Therapy?

Targeted Training therapy is different from other therapies. It works by placing the child in an upright position and uses equipment to provide stability and support. This support is given directly beneath where control becomes an issue for the child. As each child makes progress the level of support is lowered so that they can continue to develop movement control. By doing this it mimics the way in which movement control is naturally developed in a young infant; from the head downwards. A course of Targeted Training therapy takes place over 12 months. Children attend our centre in Oswestry approximately every eight weeks and take their Targeted Training equipment home. This comprises of a specially designed standing frame. Each frame is tailored and adjusted to the child’s specific requirements. The therapy involves practice for half an hour to an hour every day. Although it sounds like homework, it can actually be lots of fun, and children enjoy their therapy, while making progress, reaching their individual goals.

Six months after the end of their course of therapy, each child is invited back to The Movement Centre for a review appointment. Targeted Training Therapy acts as a foundation and children can continue to make progress after they have finished.



Every year many children are born who have a disability that can have an affect the way in which they control their movement. The majority of children (79%) who come to The Movement Centre have Cerebral Palsy. We also see many children who have Global Developmental Delay, Down Syndrome or an undiagnosed disability. Targeted Training therapy can help children who have experienced a brain injury during their childhood, which can also have an impact on their movement control. It is difficult to quantify just how many children in the UK find it challenging to control their movement. While, Targeted Training is not suitable for every child who has Cerebral Palsy, it can benefit many children who have this diagnosis. It is estimated that 1 in 400 babies born in the UK has a type of cerebral palsy. With the birth rate in excess of 700,000 per year there could be as many as 1,800 new cases of cerebral palsy in children each year. This figure is set to rise.

A recent study has outlined that the number of children with Cerebral Palsy in England and Wales is estimated to increase by 7.5% by 2020. It has also been documented that disabled children aged 0-16 are the fastest growing group among the population of people who have a disability. In the future we hope to carry out further research to enable us to estimate just how many children in the UK find it challenging to control their movement. However, the figures indicate that the number is set to rise. We are, therefore, aiming to develop our services so that Targeted Training is more accessible to the families who could benefit.

“We believe that with the addition of a course of Targeted Training a child is 3-4 times more likely to gain movement control than with regular physiotherapy alone.”

Albie’s Story

 When Albie first came to The Movement Centre he was just 12 months old. Albie has a diagnosis of Prader–Willi syndrome (PWS). PWS is a genetic disorder due to loss of function of specific genes. In newborns and small children symptoms can include weak muscles, poor feeding and slower development.

Targeted Training promotes gains in muscle activity and function, which can help children with the types of symptoms that are apparent with PWS. It was clear at his first assessment that Albie’s movement development had been delayed. He worked really hard showing us his rolling abilities. He was starting to develop the skills to sit with his hands on the floor, to prop himself up.

Albie was supplied with his specialist standing frame, with the top support holding him quite high up. He was given goals to aim for, which all related to his sitting abilities, both on the floor and on a bench. At his first review he achieved 3 of his 4 goals and all of his sitting abilities improved. Albie was given updated goals of 4 point kneeling. He found it challenging to load bear through his arms but he continued to work hard on his Targeted Training practise at home.

This meant that, by his 3rd review, Albie had made great progress. From a little boy who could only roll when we first met him, he had now gained enough strength to crawl. This was yet another of his goals that had been achieved.  Albie’s updated goals had shown that his trunk and upper limbs were strengthening, so Sarah decided it was time to work on his lower limbs.

Albie continued to achieve the goals he was set. He had started putting weight through his legs and at his 4th review he was able to show us his newfound skill of pulling himself up into standing.  Over the year we watched Albie’s journey, but it didn’t end there.  At his 6 month follow-up review, Albie took his first steps at The Movement Centre which was a very big cause for celebration!

With Albie’s greatly improved functional abilities came a greater level of independence with both his mobility and feeding. Albie’s communication skills have also improved. All of this means he is now much happier doing things independently, including playing with his friends!  

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Update on Albie’s progress

Our impact in 2018

In 2018 there were 74 active course of Targeted training therapy at the Movement Centre. We are working hard to increase our capacity and to be able to provide our services to many more children. Throughout the course of therapy families come back to The Movement Centre every 8 weeks. During assessments, goals are set by our specialist Physiotherapists. These goals are selected from the Gross Motor Function Measure, an assessment system familiar to therapists. It provides clear descriptors of each functional activity.

We are pleased to be able to report the outcomes achieved with Targeted Training therapy.

“The Movement Centre is not only life changing for families but somewhere you always feel supported, encouraged and the children laugh and have so much fun!”


Courses of Targeted Training were active in 2018.


Of all goals set were achieved.

  • Of all head control goals were achieved. 90.9% 90.9%
  • Of all sitting goals were achieved. 82% 82%
  • Of all standing and walking goals were achieved. 92% 92%

Enhancing our services

Alongside our key activity of providing Targeted Training Therapy, we are aiming to further develop our services. Some of the ways in which we have achieved this in 2018 are outlined below.

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Annual Patient Survey

Our Annual Patient Survey enables us to gain feedback.  We are pleased to report that 85% of those who completed the survey said their experience at The Movement Centre had been excellent and 100% said that they would recommend The Movement Centre. On the survey we invited families to describe their experience at The Movement Centre. Here are just a few of the comments from our families:

  • “Amazing & practically life-changing.”
  • “Fantastic professionals with our daughter’s best interests at heart.”
  • “We feel more confident that Eddie is ready for each new step!”
  • “TMC & staff have given Henry the confidence & strength that he needs on his road to independence, we can’t thank you enough!”
  • “Professional, non-judgmental, friendly team that helps children reach their potential supporting their family.”
  • “Absolutely amazing team working wonders with our son Harry.”
  • “It’s been one of the best things we could have done for Rosa. Her life has changed for the better because of the treatment from TMC.”
New therapy folders 

Our new therapy folders enable families to have one central resource to store all of the information throughout their child’s course of Targeted Training therapy, including the detailed reports that are produced after each assessment at The Movement Centre. It also allows for families to record progress and achievements from their daily Targeted Training sessions at home.

Activity Packs 

In 2018 we approached supporters for funds to enable us to further develop the activity packs with a greater range of sensory items and equipment. We secured funding to develop new activity packs to help children and families with the daily practice at home. This will encourage the children even more and, make our therapy even more fun! They include activity sheets for children and a range of sensory toys and games, tailored for each child.

Teaching and Raising Awareness

The Movement Centre engages with external audiences to raise awareness of our work. This year we have had a detailed programme of teaching and raising awareness. Some highlights from 2018 include: 

  • The Movement Centre provided clinical supervision for three physiotherapy students during the year from Keele University and Salford University
  • Our team attended three Kidz to Adultz exhibitions in Coventry, Bristol and Manchester to raise awareness of Targeted Training therapy to families and clinicians
  • In July we were kindly invited to speak at the John Horniman’s Children’s Trust’s In Celebration of Volunteers’ Conference in Birmingham. Our volunteer, Doreen Nicol, delivered a presentation at the event about her experience of volunteering at The Movement Centre
  • In November, Senior Physiotherapist, Sarah Bew, spoke at West Midlands Cerebral Palsy and Spasticity Network Professional Study Day
Developing our Database

In 2018 we carried out considerable work on the development of our database. By developing and using one Customer Relationship Management System we will be able to:

  • Better comply with GDPR legislation
  • More successfully measure our impact
  • Produce more robust reports on our clinical outcomes
  • Directly relate finance to our service delivery.
Mural artwork at The Movement Centre

A couple of years ago we were very lucky to have Mural artist Rory McCann very kindly donate his time and services to The Movement Centre, creating some fabulous murals in our reception and treatment rooms. More recently we have teamed up with Moreton Hall School, who have designed and painted this incredible mural on the outside of our building. It is a fantastic piece of art, and it really brigthens up our building, making it an enjoyable visit for children and their families.  

2018: The graduating class

Every year we celebrate the achievements of all of the children who come to The Movement Centre and those who have completed a course of therapy. Our 2018 Awards Party took place on 10th April. It was wonderful to be able to have fun with so many of the families. We were also very lucky to have a special video to show to everyone on the day from our patron, Sophie Christiansen.

Sophie Christiansen, CBE, is a British dressage rider who has competed in four successive Paralympic Games and is currently an eight-time Paralympic champion. Sophie sadly could not attend as she was competing in France but she had a lovely message to share with the children and their families.

The day was supported by a number of people and organisations including The Venue, Clarke Pictures, Corner Exotics, Visible Rhythm Mobile Disco and Lanyon Bowdler. At the event we also presented the Lady Trevor Award to our fantastic volunteer Doreen for her contribution to the Movement Centre.

Gabriella Story

We would like to introduce you to Gabriella. Gabriella’s first assessment at the Movement Centre was requested by her parents, after they realised she wasn’t developing as a child usually does. Gabriella was almost 2 and a half when we first assessed her and she had multiple challenges.

Gabriella had significant difficulties with her breathing and feeding as well as problems with her movement control. The development of her movement control had been delayed. It had taken her until she was 7 months old to gain head control, and was only starting to sit hands free at the age of 19 months. This meant Gabriella found it challenging to play with toys or give her parents a high five without toppling over.

At the age of 2, a typically developing child would have progressed to walking. Sadly, this was not the case for Gabriella. She had only just begun pulling herself up into standing. With these difficulties, Gabriella couldn’t run around and play with her friends and family.

At the assessment by one of our specialist physiotherapists, it was determined that Gabriella may benefit from a course of Targeted Training therapy. Gabriella’s journey started when she was supplied with her specialist standing frame. Every child that attends The Movement Centre is given goals to aim for, and Gabriella was no different. As she already pulling up to standing, her goals included stepping abilities, while holding her parents hands or support from an object such as a therapy bench.

Gabriella progressed well and ticked off her goals one by one. She amazed us every time she attended an assessment. From holding on, to hands free Gabriella’s goals were made harder, but she was such a determined little girl, nothing fazed her.

Mum and Dad worked really hard at home and Gabriella spent at least half an hour in her standing frame every day. Targeted Training therapy has had a great impact on Gabriella, and in no time this happy, determined little girl was taking her first steps. Nearing the end of her course, today Gabriella always brings happiness, a big smile and works really hard in all of the assessments. Gabriella has come so far; Targeted Training therapy has given her more strength, putting the building blocks in place for her to take her first steps. We will continue to work with Gabriella to consolidate her walking, and we are sure there is a bright future for Gabriella.    

A year full of fundraising

2018 was full of new fundraising events for The Movement Centre. It is important for us to not only raise funds but raise awareness of the work we do. Holding such events give us an opportunity to reach out to community groups, individuals and corporate partners. 

New events on the horizon

2018 saw The Movement Centre hold their inaugural Monty’s Canal walk which saw keen walkers take in views of the Shropshire and Welsh countryside. Following the canal towpath walkers walked over two aqueducts and through a 400 metre tunnel that is pitch black. Walkers were treated to Afternoon Tea provided by Doreen, our fabulous volunteer. 

Individuals helping us out 

On Saturday 8th September 2018, Ariyan took on a massive challenge riding his bike from Land’s End to John O’Groats. It took 9 days, passing 23 counties and 3 countries to cover 969 miles, with plenty of serious hills. Training was difficult, but Ariyan along with a large group of other cyclists completed the country long cycle ride. 

Local communities come together

The Oswestry Bunny Run is a fantastic event, and we were delighted to have been selected as the charity supported in 2018. The Bunny Run organisers said they were proud to donate all profits to The Movement Centre for their work supporting children with movement disabilities. The 2018 event raised over £860 to help support our work and has raised over £3000 for local causes since it started 2 years ago. 

Individuals and corporate partners golf for charity 

We held our second charity golf day at Arscott Golf Club, on Friday 21st September 2018 and raised over £2000.The golfers were amazing, playing through heavy rain and strong winds but there were still some great scores. The charity golf day had 16 teams of 4 battling it out to win a tailored golfing holiday to Ireland, kindly donated by Club Choice Ireland. We are so lucky that Club Choice support our charity golf day. It brings a bit of excitement to the day when there is a holiday up for grabs.


Our supporters

As a charity, we could not continue our work without the fantastic support of so many individuals, community groups, companies and charitable trusts and foundations.

Lanyon Bowdler are proud supporters of The Movement Centre and their work with children who have a disability that affects their movement control. We understand the challenges families face and why Targeted Training therapy is so important. By working together we can continue to make a difference to the lives of the families who attend The Movement Centre.

Kay Kelly

Partner, Lanyon Bowdler


Percentage of donations that go directly to helping children gain life changing skills

Kay Kelly, Lanyon Bowdler

Research & Development

In September 2017 The Movement Centre began working in partnership with Liverpool John Moores University. The aim of the collaboration is to design a piece of equipment to be used in Targeted Training therapy. We are working closely with a Postgraduate design team from the Department of Maritime and Mechanical Engineering. The development of a new piece of specialist equipment could have a huge impact on Targeted Training therapy and our future development. Advisor to The Movement Centre, Gabor Barton (MD PhD), who is a Professor of Clinical Biomechanics at Liverpool John Moores University, is working closely with the design team and supporting the partnership. This collaboration continued in 2018 and we continued to make progress with the development process. We aim to have a prototype finalised in 2019.


Collaboration with LJMU

In September 2017, The Movement Centre opened a new chapter working in partnership with Liverpool John Moores University. The aim of the collaboration is to design a piece of equipment to be used in Targeted Training Therapy. We are working closely with a design team from the Department of Maritime and Mechanical Engineering led by Dr Ariyan Ashkanfar and advisor Dr Russell English who are supervising the engineering team and providing technical support for the partnership. Advisor to The Movement Centre, Gabor Barton (MD PhD), who is a Professor of Clinical Biomechanics at Liverpool John Moores University, is working closely with the design team and supporting the partnership.



  Charitable Activities



Total Income

Resources expended

  Charitable Activities
  Raising Voluntary Funds

Total Expenditure

These figures are summarised from our full Report and Accounts. Please contact us if you would like a copy.

What’s next

In 2018 we carried out considerable work on our strategic development. Alongside our day to day operations we are aiming to:

Increase our impact by providing Targeted Training therapy to a greater number of children at The Movement Centre:

  • Develop our marketing to create further awareness of Targeted Training therapy
  • Create future partnerships and links with other organisations to create further awareness of our work

Reduce our risks:

  • Grow our fundraising and aim to minimise risks through creating a more robust and sustainable funding model
  • Develop the team structure at The Movement Centre

Continue to enhance our services so that families receive the best possible experience:  

  • Develop our activity packs with a greater range of sensory items and equipment
  • Investigate the possibility for an app to help support our families through their Targeted Training journey
  • Finalise a prototype for new equipment that can be used in Targeted Training therapy.

Thank you!


Thank you to all of our families, supporters, donors, fundraisers and volunteers from everyone at The Movement Centre for helping us to make a difference!

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